TOPPLA Nucleic Acid Detection Room


portable shed

TOPPLA Nucleic Acid Detection Room uses HDPE plastic as raw materials, which is UV Resistant and has a long life. The walls will not rust, fade, dent, mildew or peel. At the same time, the portable house adopts modular design, dislocating the registration window and the detection window to help the detection staff complete the registration and detection quickly, so that it can improve detection efficiency.

prefab house

Nucleic Acid Detection Room is designed with windows, movable windows, light wells and internal power switch room. TOPPLA plastic shed can be equipped with air-conditioning system and folding tables and chairs to create a safe and comfortable working space.

hdpe plastic shed

As for the field application, TOPPLA Acid Detection Room can be expanded freely to meet the requirements of different locations. The house also can be designed with LED display screen, great way for the epidemic prevention propaganda and assisting the staff to remind the detected person to do a good job on epidemic prevention.

portable shed

Flexible assembly feature can meet the needs of many scenarios. The mobile portable shed can be used as an external nucleic acid detection point for communities and hospitals to provide a better working space for staff, while reducing the risk of infection.

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