What is Ag +?


Silver ion is a cation with positive charge, which is formed by electron transfer through chemical reaction, usually in the form of aqueous solution. The solution is colorless and transparent without any solid particles.            
Silver is one of the trace elements in human tissues, and the trace silver is harmless to human body. According to the fourth edition of who's latest guidance standard for the amount of silver ion disinfection in drinking water quality, drinking water with the concentration of silver ion lower than 0.1ppm will not cause adverse effects on human body (ppm is a method to express the mass fraction of solution solute, and 1mg in 1L water solution) Solute, g / m3 or mg / L).            
Widely used in: medicine, skin care products, daily chemical products, etc.

What are the characteristics of silver antibacterial?

◆ Can be widely used in various industries, like fibers, plastics, coatings, ceramics, building materials, etc. They are either water-soluble or oil-based materials.
◆  With broad-spectrum antimicrobial property.
◆ Durability and excellent heat resistance, the antibacterial capacity can last more than 5 years.
◆ Safety test (animal oral test) that meets the highest level.

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