Top Questions to Ask Before Renting Portable Toilets


Are you planning to rent portable toilets for your next event? Doing so is an easy solution to keep events of any size and duration clean and enjoyable for all guests. But before you rent your units, be sure to ask the right questions.  

What questions do you need to get answers to before signing on the dotted line? Here are five of the most important.

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What Services Are Included? 

The actual toilet rental is only half the puzzle when it comes to renting for more than a few hours. If your event will stretch over an entire day or longer, you may need extra assistance to keep things sanitary and comfortable. Does your rental include any kind of dumping services? If so, at what schedule? What cleaning will you be responsible for? And what products should you have on hand for cleaning?  

Make sure that you know what services are included in your contract price. You can often negotiate additional provisions or add them on at a bundled rate before completing your contract transaction.  

What Hours Are Services Provided? 

Many private, outdoor events are not held between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. That means that you may have emergencies and servicing needs after-hours. Can you count on 24/7 services? If not, what are their emergency protocols and on-call availability?  

While nothing may happen to cause an emergency or accident, the last thing you want is to have a bathroom breakdown at a wedding on Saturday night when everyone is just getting into party mode. You may also need long-term units serviced at a time when guests are not using the facilities, such as early in the morning or on a weekend during the day.

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Is Your Company Local? 

A local business has advantages that a distant company can’t provide. They know the area, including the climate and regional weather or geography. That can make a difference for anyone renting for an outdoor event. They are also likely to have better emergency services and response times, and they may be aware of city or county rules and regulations regarding the setup of rented toilets and outdoor use permits.  

No matter the industry, shopping local is always the best option. This approach is especially true when renting a portable restroom. Ensuring that the company you work with is located nearby means that you will:  (1).Have a quick delivery (2).Ensure prompt response if something needs to be repaired Both of these benefits will help your event start and run smoothly without you having to worry about restroom availability.  

What Amenities Are Available?

 If you’re simply hosting an outdoor sports game, a 5K marathon, or a volunteer day, you may not be overly concerned with making your restrooms fancier. But if you’re hosting a wedding or family reunion, amenities make a big difference for guests.  

Ask your portable toilet company what options are available. Many companies provide restroom trailers — which are often environmentally controlled with cool or warm air — as well as ADA restrooms and handwashing stations. Any of these will make things feel more formal and match the decor of a fine party.

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How Often Will Portable Toilets Be Cleaned? 

This question is important if you are running a longer event like a music festival or a weekend block party. Most regular events may not even require a tank being emptied out. But the longer your festivities go, the more maintenance will be required of your unit rentals. Knowing how often your contract allows maintenance is important. The last thing that you want at your event is a portable restroom that can be smelled before it’s found!  

Where Does the Waste Go? 

At Toppla, we care about the environment, and we believe that you should too. That’s why we have this question as one of the most important inquiries on our list. Personally, we dump our waste safely in Fort Worth.  

When asking this question, the answer you should be looking for to this question is that the waste is disposed of at a local wastewater treatment location. If your potential business can’t be upfront with their answer to this question, it’s time to find a company that cares about keeping its environment safe.   

How Many Units Should I Rent? 

While you can consult online guides to figure out how many toilet rentals you need, nothing beats the experience of an actual professional. A professional will help you gauge the number of rentals based on your type of event, its length, and the size of the crowd.  

If you’re serving alcohol, for instance, you likely need more toilet rentals. And the number of hours affects how often rentals need to be serviced, so you may need more or fewer units. These are nuances that an experienced service can use to identify your specific needs.  

How Often Can the Toilet Be Used? 

Your toilet’s tank has a limited capacity. Before selecting a unit type and number of restrooms, it’s best to find out how many uses your toilet will be able to handle for your event. By talking to your rental company about the number of guests at your event and how long it will run, you will be able to determine if the unit you have selected will work, or if you will end up needing a larger tank to keep the party flowing smoothly.

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Keep Guests Comfortable at Your Next Event with Toppla 

Toppla is a portable restroom rental company that serves customers from all over the world and its surrounding cities. We have a wide selection of portable restrooms that will suit any event regardless of style and size. If you are ready to work with a brand that puts customer service first? If so, reach out to us today to find out more about our available rentals.  

At Toppla, we have more than 20 years of experience helping the people provide safe, sanitary, and attractive portable restroom facilities. We can help you identify your needs, plan for contingencies, and find the right units for your event. Call today to learn more.

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