Usage Places of Toppla Portable Toilet Due to Covid-19


Since the first quarter of 2020, the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has spreaded out all over the world. Many countries took action to reduce the probability of people who has been infected by the virus. They called on people to wear marks, keep social distance, stay at home...
And the most important thing is washing hands frequently, so the needs of hand washer was increased quickly. TOPPLA offered different kinds of no touch (foot pump) portable hand wash stations to meet the market. They were widely used in public like supermarket, park, bus station and shopping mall in Europe and America.

Also, many countries built temporary hospitals which needs a lot of portable toilets and showers.
TOPPLA, as the Chinese biggest manufacturer of portable toilet offered our help. We offered thousands of toilets and showers to Asia, Australia and Mid-East.

All clients were appreciated of our help in this special period, they said TOPPLA helped a lot in the battle against the virus and they are satisfied with the products.

To send out goods at the first time to support the battle against Virus, TOPPLA factory was working 24 hours x 7 days (3 turns). We believe that the world will win the battle in the end!

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