Happy Children’s Day


Children’s Day is an important holiday around the world. In China, Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1st, while Hong Kong celebrates on April 4th. Although it’s often celebrated on different days, they all share one thing in common: honoring children.

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Even though it is a holiday for children, most elementary pupils in China still have to attend a half-day of school , when they will participate in a variety of activities. Field trips are popular at this time of year. Teachers may take their students to a park, a museum, or a zoo. Even if you only stay at school, there will probably be a variety of fun events going on, such as team games and animations, which students rarely get to see. Some schools may hold gala concerts when students dance and sing together. On Children’s Day, the school transforms into a large party for pupils, in contrast to the typical school day where they must work hard! The state television station often holds ceremonies and galas for major holidays, and Children’s Day is no different.  The  large gala show just for children is broadcast across the country and is full of singing, dancing, bright colors, and fun cartoon characters to entertain kids

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Of course, delicious food is always indispensable for beautiful festivals. But children always get their hands dirty when they go out for an outing or play games on the grass. After finishing the game, everyone must clean up their hands before sharing snacks together. However, there are no taps in some outdoor places, or there are few places for washing hands, and there are a lot of children. What should we do when we have to line up for a long time to wash hands? Mobile sink can solve this problem well.

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Meet licensing and health requirements for hand washing in schools, daycares, libraries and other child-friendly locations with Toppla's huge selection of child height portable sinks. These portable hand wash stations are perfect for a child’s height and are easily transportable making it easy to move hand washing stations from room to room.

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Of course, our mobile wash basin can help children wash their hands and clean well when playing games or outing outdoors. Let children effectively prevent the spread of the virus and let our children grow up healthily and happily!

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