Portable toilets may not seem glamorous, but they are actually a huge asset for many business owners and event planners. These innovative bathroom options can make it possible to get more done in more locations. Using portable toilets is affordable and convenient. Let’s look at some of the top reasons to use a porta potty. 


When it’s time to get some real work done, you don’t want to slow down business so people can “do their business.” Porta Potties can increase the productivity of construction projects by keeping everyone on site all day. There is no reason to leave the site for bathroom breaks that could turn into all-day affairs. If you are getting ready to gear up for a construction project, consider using a porta potty. This is one of the top reasons why you should use a porta potty.

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If you are planning a big family reunion, but are not thrilled with the accommodations, you can add porta potties to keep the family happy. This is especially useful if the reunion is located in an out-of-the-way place that does not provide restrooms.


Sporting events are fun for the whole family, but only if you can get to the restroom when you need to. Outdoor sporting events are more accessible for everyone when you have portable toilets on location.

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Everyone loves an outdoor wedding, but what about the facilities? If you have found the perfect spot for your outdoor wedding, but bathrooms are nowhere nearby, a portable toilet is the answer. You can make any location a wedding venue by renting porta potties for the event.


Campgrounds and hiking trails can be made safer and more sanitary, with the appropriate facilities are available. If you want to keep the feel of the great outdoors, but also make bathroom facilities available, porta potties are the answer.

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When natural disasters strike, infrastructure can be destroyed. This often means regular water supplies and sewer systems can be interrupted. Portable toilets provide a safe, sanitary way to help the population get through clean-up and reconstruction in an area following a natural disaster.

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